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I'm simply not bothering to update this page anymore. If you want to see me, go to YouTube. I am leaving this page intact though, just because. 

(Do note that Thvlog VIII is not available on the YouTubes because people are dumb.)


Thvlog IX: Take that, banana!

Thvlog VIII: I’m really bad at killing things. Specifically, I’m really bad at decapitating things. (YouTube disallowed this video, so it is available here through Photobucket..)

Thvlog VII: Sleigh Ride

Thvlog VI: Sleeping Baby
Thvlog V: Making duck noises
                             with my mouth 

Thvlog IIII: Happy birthday; time to die 

Thvlog III: How to create an Earth 

Thvlog II: Fearsome Footage of Ghost Hat

Thvlog I: Fifteen Seconds of Silence