• Byuck (Strange Violin Editions 2012) (BCC Press 2022) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Just Julie’s Fine (BCC Press 2023)

• Perky Erect Nipples (Antemoff Ebookery 2015) *amazon* *smashwords*
• The Swimming Hole (Redneck Eldritch—Cold Fusion Media April 2016) *preview* *amazon* *bookshop*
• The Prophetess of Mars -or- the Modern Prometheia (Press Forward, Saints—Immortal Works April 2019) *amazon* *bookshop*

Short stories
• Armageddon, Burning, And, Hell (The Looking Glass 1994)
• Afterlife (Quantum Muse March 2006)
• The Widower (Dialogue Paperless June 2007, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2009) *read*
• The Oracle (Nossa Morte February 2008)
• Happy St. Patrick’s Day (Arkham Tales May 2009)
• Blood-Red Fruit (with Danny Nelson, The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• How Long Till Two Times (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Along with the Rainbow (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Solomon’s Reprise (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Them Bones Them Bones Gonna—Walk Around (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Ezra’s Inbox (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• The Avon Lady (Pandora’s Nightmare—Pill Hill Press 2010) *amazon* (Faed—A Murder of Storytellers 2015) *amazon* *bookshop*
• 17 Facts About Angels (Irreantum Fall/Winter 2010) *read*
• Davey Dow and Lala (Wilderness Interface Zone October 2011) *read*
• The Legend of Boitown ( May 2012) *read* (Children, Churches and Daddies August 2012) *lulu* (The Mission May–August 2012) *amazon* (After the Apocalypse: Prose Edition February 2013) *amazon*
• Lovely, Fearful Symmetry (Surreal Grotesque Magazine June 2012) *read*
• Swallowing Bones (Windmills Ninth Edition 2012)
• Stars Were Gleaming (Sing We Now of Christmas—Klingenberg Press 2012) *amazon*
• Maurine Whipple, age 16, takes a train north (Everyday Mormon Writer October 2012) *read* (Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 1: The First Five Years 2012 to 2016 December 2020) *amazon* *bookshop*
• The Dancing Monkeys of Blackpool (Windmills Tenth Edition 2012)
• Bearing Testimonies of Death (Lowly Seraphim 2013)
• Laurel Wistian and the Adventure of the Dangerous Mice of Dr. Mortimus Alexander Fitzbottom, PhD, AlcD (Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2—May December Publications March 2013) *amazon*
• Do Not Open Until Christmas (Carol of the Tales and Other Nightly Noels—Klingenberg Press 2013) *amazon*
• Out for Santa (When Red Snow Melts 2013) *amazon*
• The Great Mormon Novel of the 21st Century (Antemoff Ebookery 2013) *amazon* *smashwords*
• Yes, Snow White Ate the Apple. It Was a Suicide. (MicroHorror January 2014)
• Then, at 2:30. . . . (365 Tomorrows February 2014) *read*
• A Laurel’s First-Night Fantasies (longlisted in Mormon Lit Blitz 2014) (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2016) *read*
• All Right, Have It Your Way – You Heard a Seal Bark (365 Tomorrows January 2015) *read*
• An Excerpt from But Very Little Meat (Modern Mormon Men February 2015) *read*
• The Naked Woman (Pulp Literature Spring 2015) *buy* (Misbehaving Dead—A Murder of Storytellers 2017) *amazon* *listen*
• Angry Sunbeam (Mormon Lit Blitz May 2015) *read* (performed as part of Thorns & Thistles June 2019) (Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 1: The First Five Years 2012 to 2016 December 2020) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Duties of a Deacon (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Fall 2017) *read*
• Stanl33’s Silver Spaceship (longlisted in Mormon Lit Blitz 2018) (HIVE BLOG July 2020) *read*
• Devin in My Bedroom (Imps & Minions—tdotSpec August 2019) *amazon*
• Lucky Wounds (semifinalist in Mormon Lit Blitz 2020) (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Winter 2021) *read*
• Dear the Last Time I Carried You Back to Bed (Rejection Letters June 2020) *read*
• A Barn in Livermore (Perhappened July 2020)
• Cost-benefit Analysis of the Richmond Teacher Enclave by the Facilities Committee for Consideration of the Board (Big Echo August 2020) *read*
• West Covina (A Desolating Sickness: Stories of Pandemic at L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University January 2021) *read*
• Daisy the Sentient Cow (HIVE BLOG February 2021) *read*
• Baptism of Sister Kim (semifinalist Mormon Lit Blitz: Saints, Spells, and Spaceships October 2021)
• Still in that Moment (Spirit of the Season—Aspen Books anthology October 2021) *ab* *amazon*
• Mormon Socrates: ABORTIA (Sunstone Spring 2023) *listen*
• Mormon Socrates: TRANSKEPSIS (Sunstone Spring 2023) *listen*
• The Bishop’s Chapbook (Wayfare August 2023) *read*
• The Curse (The Path and the Gate—Signature Books October 2023) *amazon*
• This Is a Dream I Had (longlisted in Mormon Lit Blitz April 2024)
• A Mouse’s Tale (forthcoming in The Tertiary Lodgers—Alternating Current Press)
• The Hunger of Ghosts (forthcoming in Ghostly—Lintusen Press)

After Chadwick (Antemoff Ebookery 2015) *amazon* *smashwords*
Tomorrow Will Be Longer: Poems of Winter Solstice (forthcoming)

• Chores (From the Asylum June 2007)
• Morning Walk, Spring 2009 (Wilderness Interface Zone March 2009)
• Maher-shalal-hash-baz (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Gomer (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• My Latest Trip to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens (Wilderness Interface Zone February 2013) *read*
• Rifflection: “To His Mistress Going to Bed” by John Donne (Psaltery & Lyre May 2013) *read*
• Completely Static Account (3by3by3 June 2013) *read*
• Goal Stunning Goal (3by3by3 June 2013) *read*
• God (Psaltery & Lyre July 2013) *read*
• A Hymn for Mother’s Day in Long Meter (first accepted to be published as part of “Our Mother Who Art in Heaven” in A Mantle of Stars December 2013) *amazon* *bookshop* (first published on A Mother Here) (with music by Sue Neimoyerfor the BYU-Idaho Hymn Festival Spring 2022)
• Sponsored Funeral (Quantum Fairy Tales May 2013)
• Amtrak to SAC (Psaltery & Lyre July 2013) *read*
• Being a High-School Teacher Is a Great Disguise (Psaltery & Lyre August 2013) *read*
• Accidentally Deleted (Quantum Fairy Tales October 2013)
• Overall Free (無μ November 2013)
• Rifflection on the Climax of “The Monkey’s Paw” (Passages of Pain, Lyrics of Loss—Horror Novel Reviews February 2014) *amazon*
• In Memoriam: B (Passages of Pain, Lyrics of Loss—Horror Novel Reviews February 2014) *amazon*
• The Young Amateur Imagines the Editor’s Pen, ca 1997 (Passages of Pain, Lyrics of Loss—Horror Novel Reviews February 2014) *amazon*
• Enough Is (The Poet’s Haven March 2014) *read*
• Solstice (Boston Literary Magazine March 2014)
• The Fiberglass Giraffe in Davis, California (Epigraph Magazine April 2014) *read*
• Some seduction this— (Psaltery & Lyre July 2014) (After Chadwick 2015) *read* *amazon* *smashwords*
• Jesus Fishing the Styx (Psaltery & Lyre August 2014) (After Chadwick 2015) *read* *amazon* *smashwords*
• After Party (Psaltery & Lyre October 2014) (After Chadwick 2015) *read* *amazon* *smashwords*
• Creator (Psaltery & Lyre November 2014) (After Chadwick 2015) *read* *amazon* *smashwords* (MCI Poets May 2020)
• If I had a Book of Mormon Broadway show ( [now Third Hour] Poetry Contest Finalist February 2015) *read*
• Vulnerability / Intimacy (Quatrain.Fish 2015) *read* (After Chadwick 2015) *amazon* *smashwords*
• Doline (Califragile September 2017) *read*
• El Niño (Califragile September 2017) *read*
• If Joseph Smith Had Been Born in California (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Fall 2017) *read*
• Domestiku (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Fall 2017) *read*
• Sonnet—for Solstice (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Fall 2017) *read*
• Working Theory (American Journal of Poetry January 2018) *read*
• Sixth Mass Extinction Event (Califragile May 2018) *read*
• Joseph and Emma Grow Old Together (Mormon Lit Blitz 2018) *read* (Mormon Lit Blitz Anthology: Volume 2: The Next Five Years 2017 to 2021) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Girls Gone Wild (Queen Mob’s Tea House August 2018) *read*
• Sex with Tina (Queen Mob’s Tea House August 2018) *read*
• This Poem, If Accepted, May Cost Me $250 Million Dollars (Poets Reading the News February 2019) *read*
• Reading May Swenson (Inscape Fall 2018, winner of the Fall 2018 Inscape Poetry Prize) *read*
• Sweater (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2019) *read*
• New and Everlasting (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2019) *read*
• Bed(s) (Inscape Fall 2019) *read*
• The squirrel that sits atop our bookshelf (Freshwater 2020) *read*
• Le Conte (Bristlecone Firesides June 2020) *read*
• Ants (Bristlecone Firesides June 2020) *read*
• A Golden Shovel after Sandra Simonds (Briefly Write June 2020) *read* *hear*
• Awaken, Eve (Bristlecone Firesides July 2020) *read*
• Tamalpais, Timpanogos, Bear (Bristlecone Firesides July 2020) *read*
• Archetype (proof of shark) (Bristlecone Firesides July 2020) *read*
• Before, then After (Wine Cellar Press August 2020) *read*
• new days (Perverse August 2020) *read*
• The Heavenly Mother at Taco Bell (HIVE BLOG October 2020) *read*
• Today, as we lie in bed, it rains (Young Ravens Literary Review December 2020) *read*
• Fill in the blanks, Lord! (HIVE BLOG October 2020) *read*
• (the bees of course don’t know it) (Blossom as the Cliffrose: Mormon Legacies and the Beckoning Wild—Torrey House Press June 2021) *amazon* *bookshop*
• zzyzx road (Blossom as the Cliffrose: Mormon Legacies and the Beckoning Wild—Torrey House Press June 2021) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Today I will comb my hair (Bristlecone Firesides December 2021) *read*
• The Deacon and the Dragon (Irreantum Fall 2022) *read*
• Apple Seeds (Ships of Hagoth July 2023) *read*
• Women in the Book of Mormon (Ships of Hagoth July 2023) *read*
• Filming the Gods at Ground Level (Triggerfish Critical Review January 2024) *read*
• (better sleep in the cold) (forthcoming in Wayfare)
• Seven Short Monologues for Palm Sunday (Bay Area Council for Latter-day Saint Studies: Palm Sunday Musical Devotional, March 2024) *read* *watch*
• Homesteaders (forthcoming in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought)

Sunstone 160 (editor, September 2010) *read* *buy*
• Mormons by the Bay (SF Weekly Dec. 12–18, 2012)
• Inappropriate Book Illustrations Redeemed through the Glory of Dance (Red Fez February 2014) *read*
Served: A Missionary Comics Anthology (editor, 2018)

• for Robert Bennett’s “The Assistant Ward Mission Leader” (Irreantum Spring 2023)

Essays and Criticism
• Living Literature (flashquake Spring 2007)
• Saturday’s Werewolf: Vestiges of the Premortal Romance in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Novels (Reading Until Dark April 2009) *read*
• Saturday’s Werewolves: The Doctrine that Makes Stephenie Meyer’s Lycanthropes Golden Investigators (Sunstone December 2009) *read*
• How to Get Over It (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop* (originally written for and later included in Byuck) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Communion with the Small (Wilderness Interface Zone July 2009) *read*
• The Ambiguity of Excellence: Kazu Kabushi’s Daisy Kutter (Fantasy Magazine December 2009) *read*
• Foreword (foreword to Cetera Desunt by Danny Nelson 2010) *lulu*
• Space Opera 101: Jake Parker’s Missile Mouse (Fantasy Magazine March 2010) *read*
• Annie & Kah Leong Poon (Mormon Artist April 2010) *read*
• How to Become a Mormon-Comics Snob in Five Easy Steps (Sunstone September 2010) *read*
• Why Church Artists Owe Ric Estrada a Thank-You Card (Sunstone September 2010) *read*
• Pow! Zot! Amen!: Mormon Theology in Michael Allred’s Madman (with Stephen Carter, Sunstone September 2010) *read*
• Ain’t No Such Thing: Moving Beyond the First Series of The Lonely Polygamist Reviews (Irreantum Fall/Winter 2010) *read*
• Orson Scott Card (Mormon Artist December 2010/January 2011) *read*
• Monsters and Mormons and the Deseret Book (Monsters & Mormons 2011) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
• The Bold Spirit of Bryan Mark Taylor (introduction to 200 Paintings by Bryan Mark Taylor 2012; introduction to Bryan Mark Taylor: Cities by the Sea 2013) *blurb*
• Connecting the Generations through Disco: A review of David Clark’s The Death of a Disco Dancer (Irreantum 14.1 2012) *read*
• Mormons in Comics (Mormons and Popular Culture: The Global Influence of an American Phenomenon 2012) *amazon*
• Marital Matters (Antemoff Ebookery 2013) *amazon* *smashwords*
• What if Mickey Mouse Isn’t Mormon? (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2013) *read*
• Our Mother Who Art in Heaven (published as an introduction to “A Mother’s Day Hymn in Long Meter” in A Mantle of Stars December 2013) *amazon* *bookshop*
• Luisa Perkins (Mormon Artist November 2013) *read*
• Steven L. Peck (Mormon Artist November 2013) *read*
• Denise Gasser (Mormon Artist February 2014) *read*
• Editor’s Note (Dorian: A Peculiar Edition with Annotated Text & Scholarship) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
• Seriously—Why the Hell Can’t You Be More Like the Nelsons? (Sunstone Summer 2015) *read*
• A Cluttering of Symbol and Metaphor (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Summer 2016) *read*
• . . . then he was like, “Mind if I hang out here for a while?” (foreword to The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl, Part Two 2017) *amazon* *bookshop* *gk*
• Foreword (foreword to States of Deseret 2017) *amazon* *pp*
• Something Outside the Temporal (Whale Road Review Fall 2017) *read*
• Five Introductions to Fearreantum (Irreantum October 2020) *read*
• Recent collections, in three movements (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Spring 2021) *read*
• A note from th’editor (Irreantum August 2021) *read*
• How to Read Grace Like Water (Whale Road Review September 2021) *read*
• Genetic Isopoint, Gentleman Broncos, and Thou (Ships of Hagoth November 2021) *read*
• Fertility (Revising Eternity: 27 Latter-day Saint Men Reflect on Modern Relationships—University of Illinois Press May 2022) *amazon* *bookshop* *uip*
• on The Plan (Irreantum December 2022) *read*
• introduction to Daily Crises (Irreantum April 2023) *read*
• Joseph Smith and the Possibility of Comics (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought Spring 2023) *read*
• A note on the art (Irreantum August 2023) *read*
• פקוח נפש (Irreantum August 2023) *read*
• Grandma Gives Up On Fiction (in “Things to Seek After: An Exploration of Latter-day Saint Literature” by Andrew Hall and Robert Raleigh in Wayfare October 2023) *read*
• Brief reviews of poems (Triggerfish Critical Review January 2024) *read* *read* *read* *read* *read* *read* *read*

• Saturday’s Werewolf: Vestiges of the Premortal Romance in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Novels (Sunstone West Symposium March 2009; Life, the Universe and Everything Symposium February 2010)
• Mormonism and the Arts: Mormon Fiction (Berkeley Institute of Religion December 2009)
• Funny Papers: Sunstone’s Comics Issue (Sunstone West Symposium March 2011)
• Rehabilitating Nephi Anderson, a Mormon Norwegian-American Writer Lost to Assimilation (part of the panel “Nephi Anderson, Mormonism’s Norwegian-American Novelist” at the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study conference May 2013)
• Mormon Culture and Comic Books (Salt Lake Comic Con September 2013) *view*
• Mormonism & the Arts: Poetry (Berkeley Institute of Religion October 2013)
• Mormonism & the Arts: Fiction, literary (Berkeley Institute of Religion November 2013)
• Mormonism & the Arts: Fiction, sf/f (Berkeley Institute of Religion November 2013)
• Monsters & Mormons: Reclaiming the Peculiar (Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience April 2014)
• Representations of Mormons and Utah in Comics (Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience April 2014) *view*
• Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century (Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience April 2014)
• Mormons in Comics (San Diego Comic-Con International July 2016)
• Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry (Bay Area Mormon Studies Council May 2018)
• Latter-day Saint Life and Literature (Stanford LDSSA Friday Forum January 2019)
• Welcome (Association for Mormon Letters Conference 2019)
• A Month of Sundays: LDS Poets Read from MoPoWriMo (Association for Mormon Letters Conference 2019)
• President’s Remarks (Association for Mormon Letters Conference 2019)
• Mormons Making Comics (San Diego Comic-Con International 2019)
• The Past, Present, and Future of Literature by, for, and about Latter-day Saints (LDSPMA Conference 2019) *view*
• AML Awards (May 2020) *view*
• Triangulating God: Eighty-seven angles on the First Vision (Oakland Stake Lecture Series July 2020) *view*
• Defamiliarizing the Defamiliarizer: Jesus in Literature (Berkeley Institute of Religion March 2021)
• Prayer as a Creative Act (Abundant Life Singles Conference July 2021)
• Mormon Genre Literature: Current State & Possible Futures (Association for Mormon Letters Conference April 2023) *view*

• Fuzzy Vision, Straight Aim (The Looking Glass 1994)
• Balaam’s Sin (The Fob Bible 2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
• Across the Lines (The River Bird Magazine July 2020) *read*

(not listed elsewhere on this page)
Tehachapi News (acting, 2004)
Quatrain.Fish (2015 – 2021)
Irreantum (2020 – )

• President-elect (Association for Mormon Letters August 2016 – March 2018)
• President (Association for Mormon Letters March 2018 – May 2020)
• Past-president (Association for Mormon Letters May 2020 – June 2021)

Judgings (publicly announced only)
• Mormon Lit Blitz (September 2023) *citation*

Peculiar Pages
The Fob Bible (2009) *read* *amazon* *bookshop*
Out of the Mount: 19 from New Play Project (2010) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
Fire in the Pasture: Twenty-first Century Mormon Poets (2011) *amazon* *bookshop*
20 Poems from Fire in the Pasture (2011) *scroll down and download*
Monsters & Mormons (2011) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
Dorian: A Peculiar Edition with Annotated Text & Scholarship (2015) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
States of Deseret (2017) *amazon* *pp*
Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition (2017) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
Dove Song: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry (2018) *amazon* *bookshop* *pp*
Served: A Missionary Comics Anthology (2018) in conjunction with Mike Laughead Illustration and available only through participating artists

• “Matt Bowman, Bigfoot, Monsters, & Mormons,” BCC Zeitcast (guest, 2011) *listen*
• “Funny Papers: Contributing Artists Discuss Sunstone’s Comics Issue,” Sunstone Talk (guest, 2011) *listen*
• “Romance in the Pre-existence with Dr. Follett Young,” Special Day Morning After Dark (guest, 2020) *listen*
• “Dialogue Book Report #10: The best of 2020–Creative Nonfiction and Poetry,” Dialogue Book Report (guest, 2021) *listen*
• “Consumption and Creation,” Bristlecone Firesides (guest, 2021) *listen*
• “Theric Jepson, Danny Nelson and Steven L. Peck: The Path and the Gate,” Dialogue Book Report (guest, 2023) *listen* *watch*
• “Humor in Mormon Literature with Theric Jepson and Stephen Carter,” Dialogue Book Report (guest, 2023) *listen* *watch*
Face in Hat (cohost, 2018 – ) *google* *itunes* *podbean* *youtube*

• Tired and Poor (performed by Brinkwater, music by Brinkwater, 2021) *spotify* *amazon*
• Hymn for Mother’s Day in Long Meter (BYU-Idaho Hymn Festival, composed by Sue Neimoyer, Spring 2022; published as “A Hymn for Mother’s Day”)