Last-Day-of-the-First-Month-of-the-New-Year Letter 2023

Look closely—this is a glass beach.

Oliver’s senior prom and Colleen’s final tball game overlapped.

Seminary graduation.

Oliver had insider access as he put together his dress-like-a-teacher-day costume.

Voting for the first time!

The best picture ever taken of Lynsey and Samuel together on their birthday and someone was messing with filters. Typical.

Colleen picked up a lot of sticks that day.

Crossing species is always a big threat with emergent diseases.

Oliver wanted to take Colleen to the Oakland Zoo before he left town.

It wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day, so we’ve no idea why the water’s that color. Hep C, probably. San Francisco.

The new graduate drops off the new kindergartner on her first day.

Dropping off Oliver at Amtrak so he can go to college. Fun story: he took our car keys with him.

He’s a stick man. (It’s easier to see after dark.)